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Welcome to DediClub. We offer Managed Web Server Solutions, here you will find secure managed dedicated servers at affordable prices and the highest security.

All Servers Are Managed

Dediclub have been managing dedicated Linux servers since 1995 and with the knowledge of how superior dedicated servers are over VPS and shared hosting setups, coupled with the fact that in this rip-off world we live in most people simply cannot afford to host their sites on a dedicated server or know how to setup and maintain a dedicated server, we decided to offer our many years of experience to help others get the most out of their Projects. Dediclub is an Exclusive Club and here you will find managed dedicated servers at superb affordable prices. At DediClub you will rest at ease with your hosting, experience personal service, the highest security measures, top performance and an all round better way of hosting and you will wish you had made the change earlier.

CentOS or Ubuntu LTS Platforms, the distro choice is yours.

At Dediclub we use CentOS & Ubuntu LTS on all our dedicated servers, and are amongst the most advanced and best supported Linux distributions in the world, choose wisley according to your website requirements.

Server Security is not something we take lightly, we keep the bad guys out.

Intense Server Security. All our servers are behind a firewall and have Fail2Ban anti hacker software installed, servers are also kept up to date and constantly monitored for suspicious activity.

Virtualmin is a powerful and flexible web hosting control panel for Linux systems.

Here at Dediclub you will use Virtualmin to manage your virtual domains, mailboxes, databases, applications, infact your entire server, from one comprehensive, friendly and no nonsense web interface.